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Level 23 Signature

Famous for its world-class cuisines presented by acclaimed Chefs, and panoramic 360 degree views of Ho Chi Minh City at night, Level 23 Signature has forged a reputation as one of Ho Chi Minh City's most eminent restaurants.
  • Open Daily 18:00 - 22:00
  • Cod fish
  • salad
Level 23 Signature
world-class cuisines
Level 23 Signature restaurant
New menu Enliven each dining experience with unique culinary creations, carefully crafted and beautifully presented by charming Chefs.
Butter aged
Level 23 Signature restaurant
Sharing is Caring Level 23 Signature restaurant invites you to share a meal with those dearest to you and feel the love! Unforgettable dining experience featuring rich flavors and imagination from our options of set-menu for 2 or 4 to choose from.
Level 23 Signature restaurant
Stunning view The heartbeats of the Signature are guests can take views looking high above Ho Chi Minh City or take a seat by our exhibition kitchen, which affords diners a front row view of culinary magic in the making. The inviting décor combines distinguished artwork, art deco-inspired furniture.
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